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Recycling mineral Wool waste into high-value products – The Italian consortium developing and leading the LIFE ReWo. Link:

The project tries to find alternative and more sustainable management pathways for mineral wool waste. This type of waste is currently classified as hazardous and thus can only be managed by authorized landfills for final storage. The project team introduces an innovative sustainable and local recycling process to manage hazardous mineral wool and reduce dependency on foreign landfills. LIFE ReWo will deliver a new End of Waste transformationprocess based on thermal inertization of mineral wool waste and recycling of the inert secondary raw material obtained, namely ReWo, to produce new high-value products in a variety of industry sectors (Scarica locandina: BACHECA LIFE).




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-Presentazione in occasione del project meeting (agenda) del 2-3 Aprile 2024: wp3_UNIMORE


-Presentazione progetto Re.Wo in occasione della fiera WASTE MANAGEMENT EUROPE EXPO (link) a Bergamo (Italy) – 9 Aprile 2024*bi7xaa*_up*MQ..*_ga*MTMxNDIzNTk3MC4xNzEyMjE3OTAw*_ga_Z9F226MGVB*MTcxMjIxNzg5Ny4xLjAuMTcxMjIxNzg5Ny4wLjAuODM3NDYxMTc2: scarica presentazione:240409_Gualtieri