ERIONITE TOUR in New Zealand – August 2023

An introductory paper: Erionite_NZMJ
August 28-29, 2023 – University of Auckland, Auckland (NZ)
Erionite and Mineral Fibers – SYMPOSIUM
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August 17, 2023 – Simpson Grierson, Auckland (NZ)
The ALGA event.
AUCKLAND IN PERSON EVENT – Assessing and Managing Risks Associated with Erionite and Low-Level Asbestos link:
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August 20-22, 2023

AusIMM NZ Branch Annual Conference

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The Erionite team at the Symposium: Martin Brook, Ayrton Hamilton, myself, Wendy Fan, Janki Patel. 


FAMANZ 2023 – Auckland (New Zealand) 21-22 march 2023

A. Gualtieri – There is plenty of asbestos at the bottom. The case of the magnesite raw material contaminated with asbestos.

Philip Hibbs, Alessandro Gualtieri, Brian Eva. We did it again!

Download presentation (short version):Gualtieri_Auckland_FAMANZ2023



Review. A.F. Gualtieri (2023) Journey to the centre of the lung. The perspective of a mineralogist on the carcinogenic effects of mineral fibres in the lungs. Journal of Hazardous Material (open access).


SIMP 2022 Conference – GEOSCIENCES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE 19-22 september 2022

Session S22. Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA): hazard identification, assessment and mitigation

A. Gualtieri Globalization and asbestos. The issue of the flow of asbestos contaminated raw materials in the free world market

Download presentation:SIMP2022_Gualtieri


IMA 2022 Lyon – Session

New frontiers in the study of hazardous raw and man-processed minerals, characterization and methods for the mitigation of the environmental and health risks

Alessandro F. Gualtieri (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy), Paolo Ballirano (La Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy), Alessandro Pacella (La Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy), Laurie Glossop (Glossp Consultancy, Australia)

Session description:
Natural and man-processed materials like asbestos and asbestos containing materials, elongate mineral particles, crystalline silica, and many more as well as the soils and rocks containing them, may represent an environmental and health hazard. Due to natural causes (weathering and erosion) or anthropic factors (mining activity or activities related to landscape modification), such phases may be dispersed in the living environment, resulting in contamination of soil, water, air media. This process may take place directly in the site of natural occurrence or in the sites where such minerals are processed at industrial scale. This session welcomes contributions aimed at the identification, characterization, bio-chemistry, assessment of toxicity and pathogenicity and methods for the mitigation of the environmental and health risks of raw and man-processed natural materials. Contributions dealing with hazard assessment strategies and geo-engineering mitigation procedures are strongly encouraged. The main goal is to provide a space to share experiences, new methodologies and knowledge, but also to identify critical issues and establish new international cooperation.

Download presentation as PDF file: ima-2022-session-proposal-1635490643




The chairs of the session: A. Pacella, P. Ballirano, A.F. Gualtieri.



Convegno all’Accademia delle Scienze di


Scienze e materiali mineralogici per uno sviluppo sostenibile

Trasformazione termica di fibre minerali e riciclo dell’end of waste nell’ottica di una transizione verde sostenibile e circolare

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Lezioni in formato PDF “Cenni di biologia molecolare del cancro”

di Alessandro F. Gualtieri

Cenni di biologia molecolare del cancro – completo

file criptato. Per ottenere la pwd, contattare l’autore all’indirizzo e-mail


The Acute Toxicity of Mineral Fibres: A Systematic In Vitro Study Using Different THP-1 Macrophage Phenotypes

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

by Mirata et al.


Characterization of Fibrous Wollastonite NYAD G in View of its Use as Negative Standard for In Vitro Toxicity Tests


by Di Giuseppe et al.



Bridging the gap between toxicity and carcinogenicity of mineral fibres by
connecting the fibre crystal-chemical and physical parameters to the key
characteristics of cancer

Current Research in Toxicology

by Alessandro F. Gualtieri



In vitro toxicity of fibrous glaucophane


by Alessandro F. Gualtieri et al.



Crystal structure determination of a lifelong biopersistent asbestos fibre using single-crystal synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction


by Carlotta Giacobbe et al.



Occurrence and characterization of tremolite asbestos from the Mid Atlantic Ridge

scientific reports

by Dario Di Giuseppe et al.



Chapter in “Occupational Cancers”

Editors Sisko Anttila and Paolo Boffetta – SPRINGER NATURE








Mossman, B. T., & Gualtieri, A. F. (2020). Lung Cancer: Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis by Asbestos. In Occupational Cancers (pp. 239-256). Springer.


The cover of the October 2019 issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology!!!


















Mineral Fibres and Asbestos Bodies in Human Lung Tissue: A Case Study

by Dario Di Giuseppe et al.

just published in Minerals minerals-09-00618-v2


Biodurability and release of metals during the dissolution of chrysotile, crocidolite and fibrous erionite.” Environmental Research (2019).

by A.F. Gualtieri et al.

download the paper from:


The first experiment of “Synchrotron Nano-Diffraction Study of Thermally Treated Asbestos Tremolite from Val d’Ala, Turin (Italy)

Giacobbe C. et al. (2018)
download the paper from:


The rank of dissolution in vitro of mineral fibres:

In vitro acellular dissolution of mineral fibres: A comparative study” by A.F. Gualtieri et al.

download the paper from:


Sharing different perspectives to understand asbestos-induced carcinogenesis: A comment to Jiang et al. (2016)
Letter to Cancer Science by A.F. Gualtieri


Reply:  In response to Sharing different perspectives to understand asbestos-induced carcinogenesis: A comment to Jiang et al. (2016) by Alessandro Francesco Gualtieri (2017)
Letter to Cancer Science by Shinya Toyokuni and Li Jiang


An example of constructive discussion and exchange of views!