Many Universities around the world are starting to consider the academic genealogy when recruiting people for academic positions. Academic genealogy may influence research results in areas of active research.

A key parameter used to draw academic genealogy is the PhD pedigree.

The holders of a PhD degree can trace back their academic lineage to a Doctoral supervisor and reconstruct their PhD pedigree.

Thanks to my Doctoral supervisor, Prof. Gilberto Artioli, I have traced back my PhD academic lineage and made an outstanding discover!

No question that diffraction was in my fate!

Alessandro F. Gualtieri

PhD 1994

Supervisor Prof. Gilberto Artioli.

Gilberto Artioli

PhD 1985

Supervisor Prof. Joseph V. Smith.

JosephV. Smith

PhD 1951

Supervisor Prof. William H. Taylor.

William H. Taylor

PhD 1928?

Supervisor Prof. William L. Bragg.

Prof. William Lawrence Bragg.

NOBEL Laureate 1915 with his father Sir William Henry Bragg “for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays.”

See the complete genealogy (kindly provided by Prof. G. Artioli):