31 ottobre 2018 – Aula Magna Palazzo del Rettorato, Via Università 4

Presentazione dei nuovi Direttori UNIMORE

Da giovedì 1 novembre 2018 entrano in carica i nuovi Direttori di Dipartimento di Unimore. Sono complessivamente 13 e corrispondono ad altrettante strutture accademiche che compongono l’organizzazione dell’Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Eletti durante i mesi di giugno e luglio dai rispettivi Consigli di Dipartimento, i nuovi direttori resteranno in carica per un triennio e, pertanto, concluderanno il loro mandato il 31 ottobre 2021.





























19 ottobre 2018 – Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche

L’astronauta Umberto Guidoni alla festa dei 60° di Scienze Geologiche a Modena


































XIII IAEG Congress – Engineering Geology for a Sustainable World

September 15-23, 2018 • San Francisco, California

web site:
technical program: technical program
Technical Session #16 – Naturally Occurring Asbestos Symposium A rare opportunity to hear how industrialized countries from around the world are dealing with NOA issues. From the Alps, to
the Australian outback, to the Andes to the California Coastal Ranges and Sierra Foothills, the issue of NOA, how it occurs, how it is identified, how it is regulated and controlled will be explored on a global scale.
Sponsored by Kleinfelder
Room: Bayview B Convener: Mark Bailey

The NOA session continues at Martin Harper’s…




The NOA party: Francesco Turci, Brad Erskine, Alessandro Gualtieri, Mark Bailey, Jasmine Rita Pteriglieri, Alessandro Cavallo, Ruggero Vigliaturo.















Stefan Pierdzig and Alessandro Gualtieri.











NOA field trip at Calaveras Dam Replacement Project (CDPR) site. The blueschist quarry.

Alessandro Gualtieri and Marc Hendrickx at Calaveras.



















An asbestos suit for a gala dinner…


















Mark Bailey and Alessandro Gualtieri looking for blue fibrous glaucophane in Marin County.












Zeolites at Lovelock (Nevada).





























IMA 2018 Congress – August 16th, Melbourne (Australia)

see the Volume of the Abstracts: IMA18-Abstract-book_August-2018

Session – Mineral-hazards: The Environmental and Human Health Problem Represented by Raw and Man-processed Mineral Phases with Special Attention to Asbestos Minerals

Session convenors: A.F. Gualtieri and Philip Hibbs

The occurrence of elements or minerals such as asbestos phases can make exposure to the soils and rocks that contain them hazardous. Due to natural causes (drainage, leaching) or anthropic factors (mining activity or activities related to landscape modification), such phases or elements may be disseminated in the surrounding environment, resulting in contamination of soil, water, air media. This process may take place directly in the site of natural occurrence or in the sites where such minerals are processed at industrial scale. This session welcomes contributions in the topic of identification, characterization, bio-chemistry and assessment of toxicity (both in vitro and in vivo) of raw and man-processed mineral phases with special attention to asbestos minerals, mineral phases composing the airborne particulate, which represent an environmental and human health problem.
Flashes from the session – a selection of the speakers

Prof. Giovanni B. Andreozzi


Dr. Carlotta Giacobbe



















Dr. Jasmine Petriglieri

Dr. Francesco Turci

Dr. Linda Apthorpe

Prof. Christine Laporte-Magoni.












































August 17th, 2018
Dinner at EUREKA 89, Eureka sky dek Melbourne (Australia) with the Australian friends.

Brian Eva, Alessandro Gualtieri and Philip Hibbs.














2-5 Luglio 2018

Il team del progetto ministeriale sulla trasformazione termica del cemento-amianto al lavoro

Da sinistra: Cinzia e Ivano (Zetadi srl), Alessandro (UNIMORE), Ettore, Mattia e Daniele (CNR).









June 20-21, Modena AIZ Days

From the left side: Alberto Alberti, Romano Rinaldi, Stefano Merlino, Giovanna Vezzalini (Chair), Elio Passaglia, Silvio Menchetti, Gilberto Artioli, Alessandro Gualtieri.

From the left side: Massimo Barbieri, Erika Ferrari, Alessandro Gualtieri, Paolo Serventi, Monica Saladini, Giovanna Vezzalini, Enrico Maffei, Fauto Melotti, Giampaolo Sighinolfi, Sabrina Muti.

The chair if the session Prof. Giuseppe Cruciani introduces the speaker Alessandro Gualtieri who delivers a talk on the cancerogenicity of fibrous erionite.


June 9-15, 2018

The fibers team at ID11 ESRF Grenoble for nanodiffraction experiments on mineral fibers.

Dario and Alessandro inside the experimental hutch.

One of the fibers removed from the human lungs to perform the nano-diffraction experiments.


June 13th: the first single crystal nano-diffraction experiment on an amphibole fiber removed from human lungs.

The fibers team on June 2018: Gualtieri A.F., Giacobbe C., Di Giuseppe D., Zoboli A.


May 8th, 2018
Martin Harper in Modena
Visit to the abandoned quarry of ophiolites in search of asbestos

Martina Harper and Alessandro Zoboli discovered a chrysotile vein.

From the left: Martin Harper, Orietta Sala, Alessandro Gualtieri, Alessandro Zoboli, Lella Checchi, Isidoro Romano.


October 27, 2016: another student is graduated! Today we celebrate Gabriele Ruggi.

Dott. Gabriele Ruggi and his supervisor, prof. Alessandro Gualtieri.


October 16-20, 2017

The Monticello Conference on asbestos and elongated mineral particles was held on 16-20 October in Charlottesville (Virginia, USA)

Monticello – T. Jefferson’s house.

B. Toth, D. Bernstein and A. Gualtieri at Boar’s Head resort.

Drinks and chat on asbestos. Gibbs B. right in front of the camera. Nolar R. at his right side, Hoskins J., Bernstein D. and Chatfield E. at his left clockwise.


19-23 September 2017

The fibers team at ID11 ESRF Grenoble for nanodiffraction experiments on mineral fibers

The “fibers” team in the experimental hutch.


August 2017

Visit at CytoxLAB in Veszprem (Hungary)

with Dr. David Bernstein for assessing methodologies for in vivo tests on mineral fibers.

David Bernstein and Alessandro Gualtieri at CitoxLAB

Alessandro tests directly the fibers inhalation system!


EMU school on mineral fibres – Modena June 2017

Upper row: Rossella – Michelangelo – Chiara – Nicola – Alessandro – Simone – Linda; Lower row: Simona – Alberto. The STAFF of the EMU school 2017 in Modena cheering during the social dinner.

A.F. Gualtieri – E. Passaglia – M. Carbone- H. Yang.

Some “erionite people” at the EMU school 2017 in Modena.

A.F. Gualtieri and M. Carbone at the EMU school 2017 in Modena.


December 2016: Chiara and Margherita just graduated! Fibers group with (from L to R) Simone, Elio Passaglia, Margherita, Alessandro, Chiara, and Nicola.



Conference “Mineral Fibers: Chrystal-chemistry, chemical physical properties and biological interactions”. 03 december 2016, I.S. Sobrero, Casale Monferrato (AL). (From left to right Dr. Magdalena Gualtieri, Prof. Riccardo Rota, Dr. Ruggero Vigliaturo, Prof. Alessandro Gualtieri, Margherita Fanelli, Chiara Campioli, Dott. Nicola Bursi Gandolfi, Dr. Simone Pollastri)


Prof. Alessandro Gualtieri plenary lecture: “Biological interactions and toxicity of the mineral fibers. Towards a general model?” 03 december 2016, I.S. Sobrero, Casale Monferrato (AL).



Gunter Oberdorster and Alessandro Gualtieri discussing during the 11th International Particle Toxicity Conference, Singapore, 26-30 September 2016.


DSC_0005 (Medium)

Main entrance of Carl Zeiss in Jena. Jena is a German town and the second largest city in Thuringia.  The  mineralogy laboratories of Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena are located inside the Carl Zeiss building. (Nicola Bursi Gandolfi PhD abroad period, 2016)

DSC_0051 (Medium)

The FEI Tecnai™G2  transmission electron microscope (TEM) of Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena. (Nicola Bursi Gandolfi PhD abroad period, 2016)

DSC_0002 (Medium)

Working at the FEI Quanta 3D FEG. This dual beam instrument combines a Field Emission Gun (FEG) with a Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) column that allow a fast preparation of large number of samples, for example  cross section samples for TEM analysis. (Nicola Bursi Gandolfi PhD abroad period, 2016)


SEM picture of a chrysotile bundle.


SEM picture of Asbestos Bodies  formed around a crocidolite fibres after 80 weeks of contact time with rat organic tissue. (All right reserved, for more information about this picture please contact us.)


SEM picture of Asbestos Bodies  formed around a crocidolite fibres after 74 weeks of contact time with rat organic tissue. (All right reserved, for more information about this picture please contact us.)

2016-05-22 14.40.03

Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig, may 22nd, 2016.

2016-05-21 19.47.19

Saale, Jena, May 22nd, 2016.


Chrysotile fibres in contact with the Gamble’s solution after 48 h pH=4.5, T= 37 °C. Collected with the FEI Tecnai™G2  TEM at the  Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena. (May 23rd, 2016).


High Resolution Image of UICC Chrysotile fibers. Collected with the FEI Tecnai™G2  TEM at the  Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena. (May 13th, 2016).



Asbestos people. Prof Enrico la Pira, Alessandro Gualtieri, and Paolo Boffetta at Carbone’s party during the Weinman Conference (Honolulu, Hawai’i, nov 2015)


Sunset from the hotel room (17th floor) Prince Hotel, Honolulu, Hawai’i



The session on mineral fibres (chair A.F. Gualtieri) at the 2014 IMA Congress in Sandton, Johannesburg (South Africa).


ALDE Seminar: ‘Asbestos: Problem Solved?’


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