The Monticello Conference in Charlottesville (Virginia, USA)

The Monticello Conference on asbestos and elongated mineral particles was held on 16-20 October in Charlottesville (Virginia, USA)

The aim of the conference was to have in depth discussion on the topics pertinent to determining 1) how to identify and quantify non-asbestiform EMP exposures, 2) if they cause or have the capacity to cause health effects; 3) the mechanisms by which they may produce adverse health effects and 4) if possible, the levels of risk associated with exposure to them. See the program of the conference: Monticello_agenda

Italy was represented by Alessandro Gualtieri – TOXICITY PREDICTION – Towards a general model to predict the toxicity of mineral fibers.

View of Charlottesville from Montalto, the venue of the conference.

Conference in action.

Bruce Case and Alessandro Gualtieri at the welcome party.

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